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Have we made you a firm offer of accommodation? Please do not pay a reservation fee until we have checked availability with the hosts you have requested.

If you have not yet checked your preferred host’s availability, click here to go to our Enquiries form

If we have let you know that your host is definitely available, and you would like to reserve your stay:

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How to Pay

If you would like to reserve your room(s), you will now need to pay the reservation fee stated on your offer of accommodation.

The reservation fee is included in the total cost of your stay and is not an extra charge.

Our payments system is provided by SagePay ( Please enter your name, contact details and the details of your proposed stay on our reservations form. To complete your reservation, you will be directed to our SagePay payments page. Please enter all your details as requested.

When we receive confirmation that your credit or debit card has been processed for the correct amount, London Home-To-Home will e-mail you full confirmation for your stay. This will include details of your transaction and your host’s full address and contact details.

Reservations paid for using the above method are automatically cleared (or refused), thus allowing us to process and confirm your booking as soon as possible within UK working hours.

We do not store any credit card details once the transaction has been processed. Click here for more information on how your credit card details are protected.

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