About London Home To Home

London Home To Home was born in 1981 when, remembering wonderful stays at bed and breakfasts back home, its Australian founder decided that, though bed and breakfast was easy to find in the countryside, what B+B-free London needed was its own network of hospitable homes.

Since then, the popularity of home-based bed and breakfast in the capital has grown.
Guests from all over the world have enjoyed its comfortable, unpretentious style, and the standard and reputation of small scale B+B has improved and increased until it has given the accommodation industry at large something to aspire to. (The capital is currently crammed with hotels all claiming to be “boutique” – and charging a premium for it, of course…)

With London Home-To-Home, you aren’t paying for an imitation, you’re getting the real thing. Rather than staying in someone’s soulless, empty apartment, you are an honoured guest. Our hosts will aim to make your stay easy and relaxed. They will make sure you have everything you need, from a great cup of tea when you arrive to thoughtful touches such as a parking permit for your car. Children are welcome in the majority of our homes.

There will be a great breakfast to set you up for a day sightseeing in town. Your hosts will make sure you know all about the best cafes and restaurants in their neighbourhood, and will give you all the tips you’ll need for a successful and memorable stay in the UK’s most vibrant city.

There’s something to suit all budgets and booking is a no-fuss process under your control, not ours. So for a bed and breakfast stay that offers value, comfort and a warm welcome, take a look at our wonderful homes.

Many of our hosts are very popular, and do need to be booked early. If we cannot offer your first choice of host, we will do our best to offer a good alternative stay.

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